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We offer a design verification service to a large domestic and international client base. Design registration is mandatory in all States and Territories of Australia for pressure equipment which has been assessed to AS 4343. A Hazard Level  of A, B, C or D. As part of this process, the design must be verified by a qualified design verifier to ensure the pressure equipment complies to an approved recognised code and that the plant is safe to use to avoid harm or injury.

Our Design Verification Capabilities are:

  • Design verification of pressure vessel designs in accordance with AS1200 & AS3920

  • Assist in obtaining design registration in all States and Territories of Australia.

  • Assist with getting your pressure vessel into service.

  • Design verifications are undertaken by an experienced and qualified engineer RPEng (Mech), RPEQ and RPEV.

  • Verification and application for design registration of amended or modified designs.

  • Assist with importing and exporting compliance

  • Our company is a recognised inspection body of New Zealand Worksafe for design verification and fabrication inspection

Scope of accreditation:


  • AS1210 - Pressure Vessels

  • AS1228 - Pressure equipment—Boilers

  • EN Pressure Equipment standards

  • ASME Section 1 and ASME Section VIII (div 1 & div 2) – Rules for construction of pressure vessels

  • GB150 - Pressure Vessels

  • PD5500 - Specification for unfired fusion welded pressure vessels

  • New Zealand PECPR and Code of Practice

  • AS3920 - Pressure equipment.

For more info Please see our FAQ

Please contact CMIS to discuss your design verification requirements.

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