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Colin Mongta Inspection Services Pty Ltd is a type "A" Inspection body (accredited by NATA) as complying with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO/IEC 17020-2013, we provide fabrication inspection services complying with the requirements of AS 3920 (assurance of product quality) in the manufacture of boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping, and applies to design, fabrication, inspection, testing and despatch of pressure equipment.

Inspection activities:

➢ Review contract specifications & Standards
➢ Review shop drawings
➢ Review & approve Inspection Test Plans (ITP)
➢ Preparation of Preliminary Welding Procedure specifications (PWPS)
➢ Witnessing Welder qualification (WQ)
➢ Preparation Procedure Qualification Records (PQR)
➢ Preparation of Welding Procedure specifications (WPS)
➢ Validate materials are per design & review material certificates
➢ Witness fit-up & alignment tolerances
➢ Witness welding of production test plates
➢ Conduct final visual & dimensional inspection
➢ Review Heat treatment charts to validate compliance to code
➢ Review NDE reports and validate the extent of NDE and compliance to code
➢ Witnessing Hydrostatic Testing
➢ Witnessing Pneumatic testing
➢ Inspection of Blast profile, paint application & checking DFT
➢ Preparation of detailed inspection report (IR)
➢ Review & signing of Manufacturing Data Report (MDR)
➢ Pre-shipment quality Control
➢ Verifying the equipment stamping and nameplate markings
➢ Site erecting inspection to ensure compliance to Codes & Standards Colin Mongta Inspection Services inspectors are qualified WTIA welding supervisors and inspectors and are experienced in ASME Sections I, VIII & IX, AS1210, AS1228, AS4458, AS4037, AS3992, and New Zealand PECPR & code of Practice.

Our staff are qualified and experienced in AS3920 and can help you identify and eliminate fabrication flaws and defects that increase your liability and operating costs while helping you to maintain the highest level of pressure vessel integrity and compliance.

For more info Please see our FAQ

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