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Safety focused

All boilers and pressure vessels with a hazard level A, B or C (as determined by AS 4343 - Hazard levels) require in-service inspection at a frequency determined by table 4.1 of AS/NZS3788.
The owner of the pressure equipment is responsible for ensuring that the extent and frequency of
inspection is appropriate and adequate for the continued safe operation of the pressure
equipment. Inspections carried out by Colin Mongta Inspection Services are in accordance with AS/NZS 3788 which satisfies the OH&S regulation and are underpinned by our Quality Management system complying with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO9001.

  • Static storage vessels

  • Boilers (Including Heritage boilers)

  • Vessels with quick activating closures

  • Process vessels

  • Fired heaters or convection banks

  • Auxiliary vessels

  • Water heaters (Calorifiers)

  • Refrigerated and air-conditioning vessels

  • Compressed air containing vessels

  • Static low temperature vessels (below-10°C)

  • Buried or mounded pressure equipment

  • Steam pressure vessels

  • Transportable vessels

  • Pressure piping

    For more info Please see our FAQ

Please contact CMIS to discuss your pressure vessel inspection needs.

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